Henry Ford Once Said

Henry Ford once said, “No one built a reputation based upon what they were going to do.”  We say, “Well said Mr. Ford!”  If you walk into any bookstore the one thing that you are assured to find is row after row of books on leadership.  There are literally THOUSANDS!

Why So many?

For starters, look behind you.  How many people are following you?  Maybe we should ask, are as many people following you as there should be?  Very rarely is our rear view mirror operating at full capacity.

In fact, if you are like most people who aspire to be better leaders you have stacks of books on the subject.

Most people use leadership as an aspirin that will simply make you feel better for a little while and then let you slip right back where you were.

It does not matter how many leadership books you buy or leadership seminars you attend because, they are not going to change YOU unless YOU put the applications to work in your everyday leadership.

Don’t forget, you’ve got to get out there and BUILD that reputation!

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