Chicken Wings

I recently heard a TRUE story from an acquaintance of mine. She said she was attending a seminar with one of her colleagues, who was proud of being a vegetarian.

Now, I want to say up front that there is nothing at all wrong with vegetarians…as long as they are making well-informed and healthy choices.  My rub comes when they try to promote their eating choice as the ONLY choice.  But really, there’s nothing wrong with being a vegetarian, I too happen to be one, I just prefer my meat to eat it first!

My friend Chris and her vegetarian co-worker had the opportunity to dine at restaurant with a lavish buffet. Once back at their dining table, Chris said she was shocked at one of the food choices of his co-worker. When she looked up, she was munching on a CHICKEN WING.

Chris said to her…I thought you said you were a vegetarian.

She looked back at her and said…whatever do you mean?

Chris said…well, you’re eating chicken wings.

To which she replied, “I know…it’s OK…THEY GROW BACK.”

Today it is more important than ever that farmers and ranchers step out to tell the story of agriculture and consumers actually know the facts about food production. It is vital that we put our faces on the issues and… put the wings back on.

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