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Meet Matt

Corporate Speaker

From the time Matt was in the 8th grade he knew his life’s ambition was to help others become more than they ever thought possible.  Since then, his speeches, seminars and coaching have inspired thousands of people.

The Zig Ziglar Corporation recently recognized his talent and skill as a speaker and trainer inviting him to become one of their first ever Platinum Level speakers.

He has won state and national awards for his public speaking, Co-Authored several books on leadership and is authoring the upcoming book, The Power of an Inch.

Rush is passionate about his values, helping others and is dedicated to the development of a strong, successful future for our current and upcoming generation.

Matt Rush is the 4th generation in his family to be a New Mexico farmer and cattle rancher.  He graduated valedictorian of his high school class.  Of course, he was only one of 6.  He says, “You know you’re from a small town when to be in the top 10% you have to be number one!”

He and his dad partner on a farming and ranching operation and to support his farming habit, Rush travels the country as a professional speaker conducting leadership and motivational seminars.  He is also the Executive Vice President of the New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau.

He was selected to represent American agriculture in Germany as part of an agricultural exchange program and has been honored as the Students in Free Enterprise Alumnus of the Year.  He serves at the request of the Governor on the New Mexico State Fair Commission and on the Natural Lands Protection Committee.  He also serves on the American Farm Bureau’s Foundation for Agriculture Board of Directors.

He has won state and national awards for his public speaking and Co-Authored a book on leadership titled, Why Is No One Following Me?   He has been quoted in Bloomberg Business Weekly, National Public Radio, PBS and ABC News.

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